2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

The Graduate School


Location: West Quad 203

Phone: 765-285-1301

Dean: Adam Beach

Associate Vice President for Research: Stephanie Simon-Dack

Objective of Graduate Study

The objective of graduate study is to develop the intellectual breadth and specialized training necessary for careers in teaching, in research and academia, and in the professions. The graduate programs at Ball State University emphasize the knowledge, methods, and skills needed for scholarly teaching, problem solving and original research, creative expression, and intellectual leadership.

The problems facing society require new knowledge and new ways of using existing knowledge. To meet these challenges the university provides, through its graduate programs, an atmosphere that fosters scholarship and creative activity.

Graduate Education Committee

Policies and procedures for graduate programs are the responsibility of the Graduate Education Committee, subject to approval by the University Senate, the president of the university, and the board of trustees. The committee consists of 12 representatives elected by the graduate faculty of each college. The number of representatives from each college is based on the ratio of its membership to the total graduate faculty. Two members of the Faculty Council who are members of the graduate faculty also serve. Three members of the graduate faculty, recommended by the dean of the Graduate School, are appointed by the Faculty Council. Eight graduate students appointed by the Campus Council from each college offering graduate programs will serve for one year terms. The dean of the Graduate School, the associate dean of the Graduate School, and the provost and vice president for academic affairs are ex-officio members.

Ball State University Mission Statement

We engage students in educational, research, and creative endeavors that empower our graduates to have fulfilling careers and meaningful lives enriched by lifelong learning and service, while we enhance the economic, environmental, and social vitality of our community, our state, and our world.