2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Prefixes and Numbers

Course prefixes used at Ball State University are listed under Courses.  

Courses at Ball State are identified by prefix and course number. Course numbers are categorized as follows:

Courses numbered below 100 are not offered for credit toward graduation.

Courses numbered from 100 to 199 are primarily freshman courses.

Courses numbered from 200 to 299 are primarily sophomore courses.

Courses numbered from 300 to 399 are primarily junior courses.

Courses numbered from 400 to 499 are primarily senior courses.

Courses numbered 500 and higher are graduate courses.

In course descriptions, the course number is immediately after the prefix. If a number in parentheses follows, it is the most recent former number of the course.

A student who earns credit in a course under any other number may not earn credit in it under its current number except under the terms of course repetition. It is the responsibility of the student to not duplicate courses.

The number visible after the title or description of the course is the credit value of the course. It shows the specific total number of credits that can be earned in the course unless another statement in the description permits earning a greater number of credits. The credits may also be listed as a range (for example, 1-5, which means a student can earn up to 5 credits in the course); or as two possibilities (for example, 3 or 6, which means a student can earn either 3 or 6 credits in the course).

Prerequisite refers to a course or courses or other requirements that must be satisfied before the described course.

Parallel indicates a course or courses that can be taken at the same time, but it is not required.

Corequisite indicates that the two courses must be taken simultaneously.

Prerequisite recommended indicates a course that is not required but would provide additional preparation for the course described.

For More Information

Details about programs, financial aid, or other rules are available in the following publications:

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Competency Credit Alternatives

Student Advising Handbook

For additional information about admission, transfer credit, etc., contact the Office of Admissions, 765-285-8300 or 800-482-4BSU; TTY users only 765-285-2205.

For more information about fees, contact Student Financial Services, 765-285-1643.

For more information about residency, contact the Office of the Registrar, 765-285-1722.