2023-2024 Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practice

License Renewal

An initial practitioner license is valid for two years.  A proficient practitioner license is valid for five years, and an accomplished practitioner license is valid for ten years.  Each validation time period starts from the date of application

Credit for renewal MUST be earned after your license issue date. The required semester six (6) semester credits must be from an accredited institution.

Approval of credits for license renewal is guided by official university policy as well as state guidelines, and is administered by the Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practice.

Policy for Renewing Instructional, School Services, or Administrative Licenses

Indiana instructional, school services, and administration and supervision licenses may be renewed with six (6) semester credits from an accredited institution. Candidates who expect to receive the recommendation for license renewal from Ball State University must comply with the following graduate school policies when making decisions about course selection for purposes of license renewal:

Renewing the Proficient Practitioner or Accomplished Practitioner License

All course work must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 3 of the 6 credits must be earned through Ball State University.

  • Graduate (or undergraduate) credit must be earned with a minimum overall GPA of a 3.0 and no grades below C.

  • The credit must be earned during the time period most recent license was issued and valid.

  • Provide evidence of current CPR/AED certification (through state approved agencies).

  • Provide evidence of completion of suicide prevention training (through state approved agencies) prior to license recommendation.

Renewing an Emergency Permit

The Indiana Department of Education, Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensing issues and renews all Emergency Permits. Emergency Permits are not issued, or renewed by Ball State University.

*At the time of this posting, all licensing information from the Indiana Department of Education was accurate. Please check with The Office of Teacher Education Services if you have any questions.