2023-2024 Graduate Catalog


R. Sammelson, Chairperson

Foundational Sciences Building FB 417, 765-285-8060


Master of arts (MA) in chemistry and master of science (MS) in chemistry

These programs are designed for students who hold bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degrees in chemistry, including at least one year of calculus-based physical chemistry. Students with substantial backgrounds (e.g., those who have completed at least ACS-certified bachelor’s degrees or work beyond the bachelor’s level) may have one or more of the core course requirements waived, but the minimum number of 30 credits required for graduation still applies. These students should discuss the possibilities with the chemistry graduate advisor.

Students with substantial chemistry backgrounds but who have undergraduate degrees in related disciplines such as biology, medical technology, premedicine, or predentistry may be admitted to the graduate program to begin some graduate course work while making up undergraduate deficiencies. However, courses taken to remove undergraduate deficiencies cannot be applied to total graduate credits. These students should discuss their situations with the chemistry graduate advisor to determine whether their backgrounds are sufficient to begin graduate work in chemistry.

See the Science listing under the College of Sciences and Humanities for doctoral programs in environmental science.