2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Information Systems and Operations Management

Q. Gu, Chairperson



The Computer Information Systems (CIS) major provides students with the technical, analytical skills, and knowledge for design, implementation, and maintenance of computer information systems in business and other organizations. As a graduate of the Computer Information Systems program, students find job opportunities as a systems analyst, application developer, business analyst, computer support specialist, consultant, hardware salesman, information center consultant, software salesman, project manager, or information systems manager, network administrator, database administrator, Web administrator, e-commerce analyst, information security expert, webmaster, network support and administration, information officer and technical/end user support. Our CIS graduates go to work for global services firms, IT consulting firms, public accounting firms, defense industry firms, hospitals, banks, management consulting firms, federal and state government, software companies, consulting companies, computer and networking companies, telecommunications companies, airline industry, computer industry, insurance companies, Web design firms, and universities.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) major is the area of study that teaches students to systematically make management decisions using appropriate tools to manage logistics and supply chain processes in both services and manufacturing organizations. LSCM majors deal with the management of processes that create goods and services. Major subject areas include in-bound and out-bound logistics in global supply chains, scheduling and planning, inventory management, supply chain management, quality management, project management, quantitative business analysis, customer relationship management, procurement, multi-modal transportation, pricing and economics, warehousing, packaging and materials handling, etc. Our LSCM graduates find job opportunities as purchasing managers, warehouse supervisors, customs specialists, procurement managers, global logistics managers, inventory planners, logistics automation specialists, transportation solutions analysts, materials coordinators, directors of logistics, distribution center managers, logistics analysts, and quality control analysts in automobile industry, computer industry, financial industry, manufacturing and transportation industry, pharmaceutical industry, retail and health care industry.

The Business Analytics (BA) major is the study of the big data that teaches students methods and processes of gathering large amount of data from business, media, economics, healthcare, etc. and then using statistical methods to convert the data into usable knowledge and insights for business leaders, policy makers, media and medical professionals to make decisions and develop strategic plans. Graduates of the Business Analytics program will be employed as big data analysts in various industries such as banking, consulting, e-commerce, finance, investment, information technology (IT), marketing, media, health care, and government. They may work with research & development (R&D) teams to develop strategies and systems for customized data needs or work with IT specialists to improve the security and efficiency of data processes or work with business executives to determine the health and direction of a specific aspect of the organization. Our BA graduates find job opportunities as big data analyst, business analyst, data administrator, analytics manager, or data scientist.