2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Psychological Science

B. Gibbs, Interim Chairperson


Psychology is a science that studies behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study individual differences in personality and cognitive abilities, social and biological influences on behavior, and the effects of development and learning on the individual. The study of psychology can help students understand both their own motivations and the behavior of others.

The department offers a program of study that is intended to serve students with a variety of career goals. Some students seek employment immediately following graduation. Others use the major as preparation for graduate study or for a career as a high school psychology teacher. In addition to a basic understanding of psychological science in both laboratory and experiential settings, the undergraduate program is designed to promote the development of critical thinking and communication skills, technological and diversity competencies, and personal and professional ethics.

The courses students select within the major should be driven by their educational goals. Whether students intend to pursue employment or graduate study, they should consult with their primary advisor regarding course selection. Their primary advisor may also be helpful in choosing a minor that will further their professional and personal objectives. Students also have access to a faculty advisor, with whom students should consult for graduate school or career-related questions, issues, or advice. Students interested in teaching psychology at the high school level should complete a social studies teaching major with a concentration in psychology.