2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Admission as a Non-degree Only Student

Ball State University recognizes the need of many persons to pursue educational programs that may be related to their employment or that will otherwise enrich their lives. For these reasons, students with baccalaureate or advanced degrees who do not have further degree objectives but desire personal and professional enrichment may be admitted to graduate study as non-degree students.  This includes students who may wish to take credits from Ball State University to transfer into an existing degree program at another university in which they are already enrolled.

Non-degree students not applying for a licensure or certificate program must meet the following admission criteria:

1.  A baccalaureate degree from Ball State University or an equivalent degree from a regionally accredited institution recognized by Ball State University is a prerequisite for admission to graduate study as a nondegree only student.

Non-degree only students (nonlicensure, noncertificate) are not eligible for financial aid.  Non-degree only students must acquire departmental permission for registration for any graduate course. Students who subsequently wish to be considered for admission to any graduate degree, certificate, or licensure program at Ball State University must complete the regular admission procedure, meet all requirements for their requested program, and have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA in their nondegree coursework after completing 9 credits. A prospective student should contact the department or consult the department’s website and/or handbook for specific program requirements. Credits must have been completed within the six-year time limit allowed for completion of a master’s degree.


At the time of application, students must submit one unofficial transcript from the highest earned degree.  Once a student is accepted as a non-degree only student by the graduate dean, they will be admitted conditionally by the graduate dean and allowed to enroll in courses for one term. The student must submit an official transcript from the highest earned degree within the first semester of enrollment to continue in the program.  

Students who are admitted conditionally with unofficial transcripts will have a hold placed on their transcript release and on course registration for the following term until the required final official transcript is received and reviewed for eligibility. A student will not be officially admitted until the required final official transcript is received. 

An official transcript is one that has been received directly from the issuing institution, either by mail or electronically. It must bear that institution’s seal, the date, and an appropriate signature. Transcripts received that do not meet these requirements will not be considered official and will be rejected for any permanent use. All transcripts become the property of Ball State University.  Applicants who are currently attending, or who have previously attended, Ball State University are not required to provide a Ball State transcript.  Applicants who have earned credits and degrees from institutions outside the United States may have different transcript submission procedures, as well as earlier deadlines, and they should contact International Admissions for specific information and requirements.

Satisfactory Grade Point Average (GPA)

At any time after completion of 9 credits of graduate study, students must have and maintain at least a 3.0 graduate GPA.