2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Special Education

Teachers College 705, 765-285-5700

The Department of Special Education offers programs designed to increase students’ understanding of the personal, psychological, social, educational, and vocational needs of persons with disabilities and strengthen their assessment, teaching/intervention skills, and research competency.

Students are offered advanced study and research opportunities through fieldwork, internships, the TEACH Lab, which provides hands-on adaptive technology opportunities for our students. The department is also co-sponsor of the Psychoeducational Diagnostic and Intervention Clinic, which provides diagnostic services for people with disabilities. Areas of study include mild and severe/intense interventions, deaf education, early childhood special education, autism, and special education administration. In addition to the masters and doctoral degrees, the department also offers graduate certificate programs in Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Multi-Tier System of Supports/Response to Intervention, and Disabilities for Post-Secondary Settings with an Emphasis on Autism. The ABA certificate partially meets the requirements for becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Master of arts (MA) in applied behavior analysis (offered online). Master of arts (MA) in special education; and doctor of education (EdD) in special education in one or more of the categories of special education. Certification programs for graduate-level students are also available.