2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Doctor of Philosophy in Elementary Education

The Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Elementary Education was designed to meet the needs of advanced graduate students who seek leadership roles in education and are dedicated to furthering the profession in academic settings through their advanced research skills, teaching, and service.

In this flexible, fully online program, candidates can specialize in a variety of areas within elementary education, such as diversity, literacy, early childhood education, curriculum development and assessment, technology, and more. Our program is individualized to meet each candidate’s specific goals. Many of our graduates teach at the postsecondary/college level. Others have leadership position such as administrators, policy makers, and education specialists. 

Degree requirements

General guidelines include 91-97 graduate credits, at least 48 of which must be completed at Ball State University. The program includes a 40-credit (minimum) major. Additionally, candidates must choose cognate fields of either two 15-credit (minimum) cognates or one 24-credit (minimum) cognate. The 15-credit cognates must include a minimum of 9 Ball State University credits, and the 24-credit cognate must include a minimum of 12 Ball State University credits. One of the cognate areas must demonstrate research competence in statistical methods or research techniques. Candidates must also complete a 10-credit (minimum) dissertation research project.

91-97 credits

Teachers College Requirements (8 credits)

EDPS 641Introduction to Statistical Methods


EDPS 642Analysis of Variance


ID 705Research Colloquium

1 TO 3

(or another approved course)

*ID 705 must be taken for 2 credits

Humanistic Studies (3 credits)

One course from:

EDFO 631Philosophy of Education


EDFO 641History of American Education


EDFO 651Educational Sociology


(or another approved course)

Behavioral Studies (3 credits)

One course from:

EDPS 600Advanced Educational Psychology


EDPS 603Psychology of Human Development


EDPS 627Child Development


(or another approved course)

Area of Specialization (30 credits)

30 credit hours selected coursework in area of specialization (Elementary, Early Childhood, Literacy/Reading).

(coursework for Area of Specialization is selected in consult with student's doctoral chair and committee.)

Doctoral Seminar (10 credits)

EDEL 791Seminar in Research in Elementary Education


EDEL 792Issues in Elementary Education


EDEL 798Seminar in Elementary Education


*ELED 798 is taken for two semester for a total of 4 credits

Professional Writing Requirement (3 credits)

EDHI 710Advanced Research Seminar in Higher Education


(or another approved course)

Dissertation (10 credits)

DISS 799Doctoral Dissertation

1 TO 24

(Minimum of 10 credits in DISS 799 required.)

Cognate(s) (24-30 credits)

Student may select: (a) one 24-credit Research cognate, OR (b) one 15-credit Research cognate and a second 15-credit cognate in area of interest. 

(Coursework for the Cognate(s) is selected in consult with student's doctoral chair and committee.)

Total Credit Hours: 91-97