2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Master of Arts in Political Science

This degree gives students opportunities to broaden and strengthen their understanding of political science. The master of arts in political science prepares students for a variety of goals. Some students may wish to pursue doctoral work at another university after earning the MA degree at Ball State University. Some may wish to enter law school; others may seek governmental employment; still others will go into business or professional organizations that require a knowledge of governmental processes. The MA degree program is flexible enough to prepare students for such a range of possibilities.

Degree requirements

Requires a minimum of 30 credits. The university research and writing requirement is met through the required completion of the methods sequence: POLS 625, POLS 626, and POLS 627.  At least 18 of the remaining credits must be earned in the core classes that cover the four subfields (American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory).

30 credits

Core area of study, 9 credits

POLS 625Research Methods in Political Science


POLS 626Research Seminar


POLS 627Advanced Research Methods


Core Requirements, 18 credits

18 credits required from the core courses (both courses in two sub-fields and one each in the remaining two) 

American politics

POLS 630American Political Institutions


POLS 631American Political Behavior


Comparative politics

POLS 636Democratization and Development


POLS 689Comparative Political Institutions


International relations

POLS 611International Political Economy


POLS 612International Security


Political theory

POLS 615Western Political Theory


POLS 616Global Political Thought


Any 3-credit 600-level POLS course as approved by the program director

Total Credit Hours: 30

Accelerated Master's Program (AMP)

Undergraduate students accepted to the Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) create a plan of study with the graduate advisor.