2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Master of Arts in Music

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30 credits

The requirements for the master of arts (MA) in music include a core of studies in music performance, music history and musicology, music theory, and music education. The degree is designed to meet the needs of students interested in securing broad coverage of the discipline at the graduate level. The elective credits may be earned in additional courses in music, in professionalization courses (for certified teachers), or in courses outside the School of Music. The degree includes a required research component that may take the form of a research methodology course, a research project or thesis, or a creative project. All master of arts in music students are required to pass a comprehensive examination that is administered near the end of the program.  Further information about the MA is contained in the School of Music Graduate Handbook, available from the School of Music website.

Degree requirements

Major in Music, 22- 27 credits

Applied Studies 
One core course from MUHI
One other course from MUHI

MUST 621 Analytical Technique
One course from MUST courses 
MUSE 668 Research in Music Education
MUHI 600 Methodology and Bibliography in Musicology 

Music Education (one course; not MUSE 668 if taken for research requirement) 2-3 
Music Electives  0-5

3-9 credits of Electives (Options include professionalizing courses for teachers, 
CRPR 698 or RES 697, and music electives or free electives)

Total Credit Hours: 30