2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Real Estate Development

The real estate development minor is an interdisciplinary approach to the development and redevelopment of land and from its perspectives as a profitable business as well as an instrument for the public interest and the development of sustainable community. The core instills an understanding of the development process, and its demanding analysis of the market, means of financing, and applicable public regulation. The process requires knowledge of site evaluation and control, the formulation and implementation of an architectural program, lease-up or sale, and the management of the asset during its holding period. The process serves the end users or consumers, the public, and the investors. The application is for a variety of land uses and locations, including inner city and infill development, and leads to career roles as an enterprising developer in all three economic sectors: for-profit, nonprofit, and public. The combination of land uses and real estate roles constitute a range of areas of specialized interest that is addressed through electives. Many courses are field-based and present “hands-on” experiences that constitute experiential, service, or immersive learning. Many courses present online Internet distance learning opportunities. Facilitated by this minor are careers in land development and redevelopment, its financing, marketing, construction and property management, and in structuring public-private partnerships.

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