2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

MUSE 350 Contemporary Issues in Music Education: Practicum and Applications

Observation and application of specialized music teaching techniques and curricular issues in ensemble and small group settings. Emphasizes performance-based assessment, classroom management, continued portfolio development, cooperative learning strategies, reflective evaluation, and critical thinking skills. A weekly seminar includes music classroom application of universal design for learning, strategies for English language learners, reading in the content area, and special needs accommodations in the music classroom. This course is limited to 2 attempts. An attempt is defined as any registration resulting in a letter grade or W.

Prerequisite: C or better grades in MUSP 290; and MUSE 100 and MUSE 150 and MUSE 351 and MUSE 353; and MUSE 355 or MUSE 356; and MUSE 375 or MUSE 376.

Open only to music education majors.