2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Prepharmacy Program

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The prepharmacy program is designed for students who want to apply for admission to the Butler University College of Pharmacy or the Purdue University School of Pharmacy. When completed satisfactorily, the designated courses will meet the preprofessional curricular requirements of Purdue and Butler at the end of the second year. At both Purdue and Butler the combined prepharmacy-pharmacy program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy requires six years. However, the number of applicants to any college of pharmacy exceeds the capacity of the school. Therefore, students are selected for admission into the prepharmacy and pharmacy programs at these schools based on considerations such as scholastic standing, character, and professional aptitude. Students should become familiar with the admission requirements stated in the bulletins of Butler and Purdue Universities.

Careful arrangement of the program for each year is essential so that courses may be completed in sequence and in the allotted time. In particular, general chemistry should be completed in the freshman year. Mathematics, including calculus, is highly desirable. Copies of the programs are available from the pre-pharmacy advisor located in the biology department. There are minor differences in requirements between the School of Pharmacy at Purdue and the College of Pharmacy at Butler.

The prepharmacy programs do not lead to graduation from Ball State University. They merely supply students with an approved sequence of courses for the first two years of the complete six-year program. Furthermore, physical education is not a part of this program for students who hope to transfer to Purdue, but it is for those who hope to go to Butler. Students who drop out of the prepharmacy program and elect to follow degree programs of Ball State University will be expected to meet all Ball State degree requirements.

Prepharmacy counseling is available in the Department of Biology.