2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Pre-Dentistry Program

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Although most students entering dental school will have completed four years of predental work, those with outstanding qualifications may be admitted after only three years. To qualify for admission to the Indiana University School of Dentistry at the close of three years of predental preparation, students must complete the major and specific course and scholastic requirements of the curriculum with a minimum of 92 credits at Ball State University. If accepted into dental school, they will use the credit earned the first year in the Indiana University School of Dentistry (28 credits) to meet the senior year course requirements for the baccalaureate degree from Ball State.

In addition to the basic science requirements, students entering the Indiana University School of Dentistry will be required to have 20 credits of Biology for majors; 15 credits of Chemistry including general, organic and biochemistry; 8 credits of general Physics; 3 credits of Social Sciences; and 3 credits of Humanities. The following courses are recommended for elective credit: BIO 313; CHEM 232; CC 102.

To be admitted to the Indiana University School of Dentistry, students must earn satisfactory scores on the Dental Admission Test given by the American Dental Association. Students are responsible for applying to the dental school and making arrangements to take the admission test. Students should take the test in the spring semester fifteen months before they hope to enroll in dental school, but preferably only after completing the required biology and chemistry courses. Students should formally apply for admission to dental school the next summer, twelve months in advance.

Predental counseling is available in the Department of Biology.

Pre-Dentistry Program (BA/BS)

42 credits

BIO 111Principles of Biology 1


BIO 112Principles of Biology 2


BIO 214Genetics


BIO 215Cell Biology


BIO 315Methods in Cell Biology


CHEM 111General Chemistry 1


CHEM 112General Chemistry 2


CHEM 231Organic Chemistry for Molecular-Based Sciences: Part 1


CHEM 241Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1: Fundamental Techniques


PHYC 110General Physics 1


PHYC 112General Physics 2


ZOOL 330Structure and Development of Vertebrates


Total Credit Hours: 42