2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Doctoral Degrees

Ball State University offers programs leading to the doctor of philosophy degree (PhD), the doctor of education degree (EdD), the doctor of arts degree (DA), and the doctor of audiology degree (AuD; see Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology for admission requirements and program information).

The doctor of philosophy degree is built upon depth of course work in the concentration area. It also requires a strong formal background in traditional research techniques in the same area and may include a foreign language competency. The dissertation is written on any research topic within the subject matter field, extending the bounds of knowledge in that field and making an original contribution to learning. Ball State offers doctor of philosophy degrees in the following areas:

               Counseling Psychology
               Educational Psychology
               Educational Studies
               Elementary Education
               Environmental Science
               Human Bioenergetics
               School Psychology

The doctor of education degree is built upon breadth of course work that includes required study in Teachers College. The research competency for this degree is usually statistical in nature. The dissertation characteristically, but not necessarily, contributes to the solution of some important educational problem. Ball State offers doctor of education degrees in the following areas:

               Adult and Community Education
               Educational Administration and Supervision
               Elementary Education
               Higher Education
               Special Education

The doctor of arts degree in music is built upon a depth of course work in a primary field, an area of secondary emphasis usually related to the primary field, and another area of secondary emphasis on college teaching, including a required internship (on the Ball State University campus) and externship (at another college or university). The dissertation may make an original contribution to knowledge in the primary field, but it may also produce and examine innovative teaching materials or methods.