2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

ICS 620 Information and Communication Technologies, Standards and Lab I

This course and its companion, ICS 621 (offered only in the spring semester), are required of all students in the M.S. degree program of Information and Communication Sciences. ICS 620 is a recommended precursor to ICS 621 and ICS 648 and the Internetworking elective courses. It is a technical component of the core curriculum developed to address the various technologies employed in information and communication systems and services. Concentrates on understanding the basic technologies employed in today’s information and communication technology industry to provide fundamental engineering knowledge and examine the application of the technologies in business. ICS 620 is a 4-credit course that is rigorous by its content and design, which is presented through class lectures, research and presentations related to ICT, and hands-on labs. Intended to explore, expand and test student knowledge of current applications of existing and new technologies in the marketplace.