2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Artist Diploma in Music Performance

CIP Code


24 credits

The artist diploma is a highly selective non-degree graduate certificate for the specialized training of the gifted and accomplished performer. The certificate focuses on the practical aspects of music performance: private instruction, solo performance, participation in musical ensembles, chamber music, musicianship skills, and may include nonperformance supportive music courses.  Further information is contained in the School of Music Graduate Handbook, available from the School of Music website.

Degree requirements

Applied Study

MUSP 600Major Study

1 TO 2

MUSP 610Applied Recital Study


Total Credit Hours:8-12

Required Courses

MUSP 595Entrepreneurship for Musicians: Seminar


MUSP 699Independent Study in Music Performance

1 TO 2

Total Credit Hours:4


Courses selected may include: additional applied study, ensemble participation, chamber music, special topics, conducting, diction and literature, pedagogy, improvisation, courses in music technology, **courses from music theory or music history and musicology, etc.

Total Credit Hours:8-12

Total Credit Hours: 24

Recital requirement

Two faculty-adjudicated solo recitals of approximately 50 minutes of music are required. For voice, the performance of a major opera role or a major performance with orchestra (40-50 minutes of singing) may be substituted for one recital, with advanced permission of the voice faculty. For jazz, the student will be accompanied by a rhythm section but will be the featured performer throughout.

Additional requirements

  • Diploma students will be in residence for a minimum of two semesters (residence is defined as a minimum of 8 credits/semester [may include summer].)
  • All requirements for the diploma must be met within a five-year period.
  • **Students wishing to take graduate-level courses in theory (MUST) or music history (MUHI) must establish eligibility by passing the theory/history placement tests or successfully completing the review course(s).
  • No course with a grade below 2.0 can be counted toward the diploma. Diploma students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0. Students falling below that average will be placed on academic probation and will have one semester in which to bring the GPA up to a 3.0.
  • Undergraduate courses may be taken during the course of the diploma program, but will not count toward the required 24 graduate credits.  Undergraduate courses not required as prerequisites for the degree will not be covered by assistantship tuition remission.
  • No transfer credits from other institutions are allowed.