2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog


K. Badger, Chairperson


The Department of Biology offers programs for students preparing for careers in science teaching, laboratory biology, environmental biology, and health professions such as medicine, medical technology, and dentistry.

The laboratory sciences of cellular and molecular biology, genetics, and microbiology offer in-depth opportunities for students pursuing bioscience positions in medicine, government, academia, and industry. Experiences with the modern tools of biotechnology are a central theme for all laboratory biology concentrations and the department offers a biotechnology certification program. Biologists in environmental careers work to maintain the natural world for future generations. The department’s conservation biology programs focus on preparing students for careers related to the conservation of plant and animal biodiversity and the science supporting the sustainable management of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Further information about careers for biology majors can be found on our departmental Web site www.bsu.edu/biology.

The biology major offers a core program intended to develop a common background in biology and additional courses in specialized concentrations designed to prepare students for careers or graduate work in aquatic biology and fisheries, field botany, cellular and molecular biology, environmental biology, genetics, microbiology, wildlife biology and conservation, and zoology. Our general biology concentration allows students to pursue an individualized program for their specific career goals as a biologist. Pre-professional majors add selected courses to meet entrance requirements into medical, dental, and medical technology schools. A teaching major in life science is offered for students who plan to teach in the secondary schools. (Additional course requirements for science teaching programs appear in this catalog under Interdepartmental Programs in the College of Sciences and Humanities.)

It is strongly recommended that students seek departmental advising, on an individual basis, early in their programs to plan course work sequences and obtain specific information about their selected emphasis areas and possible certification.