2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Miller College of Business

S. Ferris, Dean; M. Myring, Associate Dean; S. Sharma, Associate Dean


Nearly all undergraduate programs in the Miller College of Business are accredited by AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The Department of Accounting has earned separate AACSB accreditation. (Majors in apparel design and fashion merchandising, computer technology, hospitality and food management, and residential property management are not currently accredited by AACSB International).

Miller College of Business Majors

The Miller College of Business offers 23 baccalaureate majors. Those that are currently AACSB accredited include: accounting, business administration, business analytics, economics (two concentrations), finance, entrepreneurial management, computer information systems, international business, human resources management, logistics and supply chain management, professional selling, marketing, and risk management and insurance. The business administration major is also available on-line in its entirety. Those majors that are not AACSB accredited include: apparel design and fashion merchandising, computer technology, hospitality and food management, and residential property management. Additionally, an interdepartmental major in mathematical economics and an economics (liberal arts) major are available.

Degree Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in business is awarded to students who meet these university and Miller College of Business requirements. Students must:

  • complete a minimum of 120 credits;
  • complete all University Core Curriculum requirements;
  • complete the specific requirements of the major;
  • take 30 of the last 40 credits at Ball State University. In addition to this university requirement, students majoring in a program in the Miller College of Business must earn the last 30 credits of their major in residence; and
  • maintain a minimum grade-point average of 2.0.

Transfer of Credit and Transfers from Other Colleges and Universities

Acceptance of credit from other institutions will be determined by the Office of Admissions. The applicability of credit toward degree requirements in the Miller College of Business will be determined by the college.

Courses in upper division business subjects (300/400-level) may be accepted for specific equivalency if the course work has been taken in the junior or senior year at a four-year institution that is accredited by the AACSB. If the institution is not so accredited, credit in upper division courses accepted for transfer will be applicable only if syllabi, course text information, contact hours, and prerequisites are deemed equivalent to Ball State University course requirements. Both ISOM 249 (Foundations of Business Communication) and MGT 491 (Business Policy and Strategic Management) must be taken at Ball State.

Any student enrolling at Ball State University to complete a second undergraduate degree in business will be required to meet the residence requirement for the university.

Business courses taken at two-year institutions will not be applied to upper division requirements.

Credit by Self-Acquired Competency

The Miller College of Business does not award credit in business courses on the basis of self-acquired competency. However, the college will give examinations for credit in specific courses. Consult the appropriate department chairperson for information.

Statute of Limitation

If seven or more years have elapsed since last enrollment, the student will be required to meet the degree requirements as stated in the current undergraduate catalog.

Business Minors

The College offers minors in 23 subjects. Note that admission requirements vary by minor.

Note: Some departments have determined that their courses will be open ONLY to business majors or minors.