2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning

D. Ferguson, Dean; T. Mahfouz, Associate Dean


The Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) offers degree programs in architecture, construction management, environmental design (architecture), historic preservation, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design, and urban planning and development. All programs are fully accredited by their respective professional accrediting agencies. Professional graduate degrees in architecture, historic preservation, landscape architecture, and urban and regional planning are also available for students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than design and planning.

Admission Requirements

Entry-level students in architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning must complete a supplemental application process and secure admission into CAP’s Common First Year Program. Required courses in the first year provide a foundation in theories and skills pertinent to all three disciplines. For more information about the CAP supplemental admission process, please log on to bsu.edu/admissions.

Those students entering the Interior Design program are not required to submit an application to the College. However, Interior Design students are placed in the Pre-Interior Design program for the first two years. Approval to pursue the Interior Design concentration requires the submission of portfolio during spring semester of sophomore year.

Those students declaring a major in Construction Management are admitted directly into the Construction Management program and are not required to submit an application to the College.


Students in good academic standing who wish to pursue a career in landscape architecture or urban planning and development and have completed a minimum of 30 college credits may be admitted directly into these two degree programs by means of a special “Pre-Declaration Entry” track. For more information please contact the dean’s office.

Enrollment Management Plan

During their first year, CAP students have opportunities to meet with faculty and professional advisors to discuss career and curriculum options in all of the college’s degree programs.

Admission into the second year at CAP is subject to departmental enrollment review, and established departmental retention standards Each department has instituted an enrollment management plan. In the event that the number of students who declare an interest in one of the majors exceeds one of the departmental enrollment limits, students may not be able to enroll in their preferred major, and may be advised about other available degree programs of the college and the university.

CAP Common First Year Program

CAP 101: Environmental Design and Planning 1

CAP 102: Environmental Design and Planning 2

CAP 161: Design Communications Media 1

CAP 162: Design Communications Media 2

ARCH 100, LA 100, PLAN 100: Intro to Professions (Each student must take all three.)

Note: All courses of the Common First Year Program must be completed prior to continuation into the second year for Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning.