2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog


J. Ledbetter, Chairperson


Accounting is often described as the “language of business.” Business managers, stockholders, investors, creditors, government agencies, and labor groups depend on accountants for financial data and need to understand the “language.” Majors in accounting prepare students for careers in public accounting as certified public accountants (CPA) or for careers as accountants for individual companies in private industry, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations.

Under current state law, an Indiana candidate must complete 150 credits of education containing the equivalent of an accounting major in order to take the CPA Examination. This means that a candidate cannot sit for the CPA Examination with only a 120-credit bachelor’s degree in accounting. To obtain the 30 additional credits necessary to take the CPA Exam, the Department and its Alumni Advisory Council recommend that students complete the 30-credit master’s degree.