2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Description of the University

Ball State University is a comprehensive, publicly assisted institution of higher learning whose mission is to provide excellent education. It is located in Muncie, Indiana, a city of 70,000, fifty-six miles northeast of Indianapolis. Although its primary concern is for the citizens of Indiana, it offers programs with appeal to regional, national, and international audiences.

Ball State University offers a strong undergraduate liberal and professional education and selected graduate programs of high quality. Ball State students can choose from a comprehensive range of academic programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and master’s levels, as well as doctoral programs in areas where the university has special competence.

The university has a selective admissions policy; in some areas, such as architecture, the university is very selective. Exceptionally well-qualified undergraduate students may enroll in the Honors College for more intellectually demanding programs of study. Students who have not decided on a major or who may need to strengthen their learning skills can take advantage of the special academic assistance and intensive educational advising offered by University College.

As part of Ball State’s commitment to excellence in education, the university offers students a friendly, collegial atmosphere; a full range of out-of-class activities; and excellent, well-planned academic, residential, and recreational facilities. An impressive array of student support services contributes to the personal, social, and intellectual development of all students.

Although Ball State University is primarily a residential academic community, it also supports programs that reach students well beyond the immediate campus. Through interactive telecommunications, Internet courses, and on-site courses, Ball State distance learning students are able to take courses and entire degree programs. The university has a strong commitment to cultural diversity and international programs. It offers exchange programs with universities throughout the world and a wide variety of opportunities for students to study abroad.