2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog


Because Ball State University is financially supported by Indiana legislative appropriations, resident students pay less in fees than out-of-state students. Residency status, as determined by the Registrar in accordance with rules adopted by the Board of Trustees, is subject to change. Residency status depends primarily upon the length of time a person has lived in Indiana for purposes other than attending a college or university. A minimum residency of a year is required for independent students (not claimed as dependents by parents or guardians on their income tax forms). The student bears the burden of proof in making a claim of resident status. To request a change in residency classification, a student must file an application form and provide proof of residency in Indiana. Copies of the regulations, the Application for Nonresident Fee Exemption, and other information are available in the Office of Registrar, Lucina Hall, Room B43, or at bsu.edu/registrar by selecting “Miscellaneous Information” and click “Review guidelines.”