2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Advanced Standing

Ball State University offers opportunities to earn credit toward a degree for knowledge students have acquired independently, at work, in the military, through workshops and special classes, and in other ways. Most of these opportunities require that students take an examination to “test out” of a course or group of courses. Credit earned in this way counts toward graduation requirements, but students do not receive a grade for it. Students cannot receive credit of this type for courses for which they have already received credit. Students can earn up to 63 credits through this program.

The opportunities for earning advanced standing are:

  • Advanced Placement Program
  • International Baccalaureate Certificates or Diploma
  • College Level Exam Program (CLEP tests—subject and general)
  • Credit by departmental examination
  • Credit by departmental authorization
  • Credit earned while in military service
  • Credit for foreign language proficiency

Any department may, at its discretion, administer an examination for any course offered in the department. The department also determines the standards for passing these examinations. Students who earn passing scores will be granted credit for the courses. Credit by examination will not be awarded to students who have been enrolled or are currently enrolled in the courses for credit or audit.

Credit by departmental authorization may be granted for learning experiences the department believes to be the equivalent of college work. No grade is given for this credit. Credit and advanced placement in foreign languages and mathematics may be awarded through the Advanced Credit Placement Test that is available online and can be taken prior to attending freshman orientation. Testing instructions are mailed to students with their orientation invitation. Students must receive placement through the testing process before registering for the appropriate courses. For more information, visit bsu.edu/admissions/credit to learn how Ball State awards advanced credit.

Ball State University will accept courses for transfer evaluation and advanced standing credit transcript posting only if the student is currently enrolled.