2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Transfer and Extension Work

All off-campus courses offered by Ball State University are considered residence or campus credit.

A Ball State master’s graduate who is working on the superintendent’s license or high school principal’s license (a 60-credit program) may take up to 15 of the 30 graduate credits beyond the master’s degree at other institutions of higher education. Of these 15 credits, a maximum of 8 may be earned in extension.  

Candidates for specialist in education degrees may take a maximum of 6 graduate credits beyond the master’s degree at another institution of higher education. The remainder of the 30 graduate credits required for the degree must be earned in residence at Ball State. Upon recommendation of the department chairperson and with the approval of the dean of the Graduate School, work taken for graduate credit at other institutions may be transferred in partial fulfillment of degree requirements under the following conditions:

  All work must have been completed within the time limit of six years allowed to complete a master’s degree at Ball State University.

  Transfer work is not eligible for revalidation.

  Only graduate courses in which a student has earned a grade of B or better may be considered for transfer credit. A grade of B- is not transferrable.

  Credits may be transferred, but grades earned in courses taken at another institution do not transfer and are not used in computing the student’s GPA at Ball State University.

  When a graduate course is taken at another university on a credit/no credit or pass/fail option, “credit” or “pass” are not accepted as transferrable unless approved by the appropriate academic unit.

  A master’s degree candidate may transfer as many as 9 credits toward a degree program with a total of 44 or fewer credits. A master’s degree program that requires a total of 45 or more credits may allow a student to transfer as many as 15 credits. Departments may set more restrictive limits on the number of transfer credits.

  No credits earned on any graduate degree will be eligible for transfer to a Ball State master’s degree.

  No credits earned for a baccalaureate degree may be counted for credit toward a graduate degree at Ball State University.

Transfer of credit will be considered for graduate work taken only at regionally accredited institutions provided the courses meet institutional requirements and are appropriate for the student’s planned and approved program. The research requirement must be taken at Ball State University.